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#1     Are you stuck in traffic on the King’s highway?”
#2     How to walk on water


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#3     How to enjoy sunsets everyday
#4     Are you the light of the world or does your bulb need to be changed?


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#5     Please pass the salt
#6     Do you use the “F” word?    (Sermon about forgiveness)


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#7     Do you have a grasshopper complex?
#8     Hanging with Judas


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#9     Live like you were dying
#10    Stop and smell the Rose


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 #11    Give me this mountain
#12    Are you bigger than an Ostrich


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#13    Mess with me and I’ll get my big brother David
#14    How does your garden grow  Note:  $21.00  (3 part series  –  3  cd’s)


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#15    Do the math
#16    Do you use the “F “word?    (Sermon about faith) 


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Future sermons to be added to our catalog:

1)      The Jonah experience
2)     Will you also go away?
3)     I will build my church
4)     When God gets sick to his stomach
5)     Start acting like a child
6)     Gone with the wind
7)     Re-gifting Jesus
8)     Happy New Year from God
9)     The reason why we sing
10)    You need to go home another way
11)    And the Books were open
12)    The Preeminence of Christ



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