Donald DeJarnettDon P.  DeJarnett
Current Minister and Founder

Don’s preaching career began at the age of 8 in Detroit, Michigan when he preached his first bedroom  sermon to a group of his stuffed animals, army men and his sister’s Barbie dolls.   He later graduated to addressing human audiences at the age of 13 in Miami, Florida.  He received informal religious training and influence from his father and grandfather (Don E.  DeJarnett and Mayo Mitchell) and was formerly trained and educated in Theology and Psychology at Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas.  He has a passion for studying, teaching, preaching, defending and spreading the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ, and has future plans of planting new congregations both here in the USA and abroad.  He is happily and blessed to be married to Barbara, his devoted wife and partner.


Barbara G.  DeJarnett
Teacher  &  Director of  W.O.W.W

Barbara, Don’s devoted wife, maintains responsibility of operating the Sister’s group “W.O.W.W”  and leading children’s Bible classes and programs.  In addition to her spiritual duties, Barbara is also employed as an Employment Specialist and obtains jobs for individuals with special needs.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, swimming, traveling and inventing new recipes to try out on Don.