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Celebrating 9 years

On behalf of the members of the Berlin Heights Church of Christ family, I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome and offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to you for taking a moment of your time to visit our website.  It is my fervent prayer that the contents of this site will be informative, enlightening and hopefully inspirational enough for you to visit us in person.  Upon your visit, you will find a small, friendly, nonjudgmental group of Bible believing Christians whose sole judge is God, sole authority is the Bible, sole Savior is Christ, sole purpose is to minister, sole mission is to seek and save, and sole destination is Heaven.

We cordially invite you to join us on this remarkable journey from earth to glory and experience the joy that is in Christianity as the whole person of God; (body, soul and spirit),  by the awesome power of the Word, is maturely developed, kept  blameless  and  thoroughly  furnished  for  every good work     (1 Thessalonians 5:23  and  2 Timothy 3:16 and 17).

We cannot and will not promise you a problem-free life but we can lead you to the great and eternal problem-solver who declared centuries upon centuries ago, “I am that I am,” simply translated, “I am everything you need.”  To the sick he is the great physician,  to  the lost he is the way, to the gardener he is the lily of the valley, to the baker he is the bread of life, to the geologist he is the rock, to the astronomer he is the bright and morning star, to the thirsty he is the water of life.  He’s a fireman in a fiery  furnace, a zoo keeper in a den of lions, a sheriff on a Damascus road,  a calm whisper to an anguish spirit, and  shelter in the time of storm.   Give him your sorrow and he’ll give you joy, give him your confusion and he’ll give you peace, give him weariness and he’ll give you eternal rest.  It is this great  “I am” whom we love, obey and serve here at the Heights,  and you have a standing invitation to join us.   I hope to see you here because you are welcome at the Church of Christ (Romans 16:16).

Don P.  DeJarnett  –  Minister


Join us this Sunday           at 10 a.m.


Berlin Heights Church of Christ                                      1226 East Missouri Street                                       Evansville, Indiana, 47711                                                   (812) 424-0098

(We’re located between Highway 41 and Fares Avenue)



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